Rug Racers

Rug Racers is an established indoors winter series for 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric powered radio control cars.

The series is aimed at all ages and abilities and with the focus on fun you're sure to enjoy the Rug Racers experience.

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Booking In, Results & News


Round 1 - 17th November 2019
Round 2 - 22nd December 2019
Round 3 - 19st January 2020
Round 4 - 23rd February 2020
Round 5 - 15th March 2020

Doors open at 07:30 for all events.


Wodson Park
Wadesmill Road
Ware, Herts
SG12 0UQ


17.5T Blinky TC

13.5T Blinky TC


TC Fronty - 17.5 Blinky

Mini TC

General Rules

Practice will be in heat format, with 4 or 5 minutes runtime depending on total entries. Racing will consist of 4 rounds of 5 minute qualifying with 2 rounds of 5 minute finals for all.

Only Hudy additive intended for carpet use allowed.

Any commercially available LiPo allowed
Only to be charged and discharged in a LiPo sack
All LiPo must be charged using a LiPo charger on a LiPo setting.
Maximum Voltage 2S=8.4V, 1S=4.2V
Lipos to be charged following the new brca guidelines. 10amp max charge/discharge if your lipo allows it. I.e. If your lipo is a 4000mah and has a rating of 2c it's max charge rate will be 8amps If you have a 6000mah which is 2c the charge rate is capped at a max of 10amps
Spot checks will be made in the pits. Please comply if asked to show charger settings.
Failure to comply to the battery rules will result in an immediate ban.


Pre-race scrutineering will take place 5 minutes before your race. You must present your car race ready and have your transmitter with you. After your car has been approved by the scrutineering team you will not be allowed to return to the pits. You must wait until the current race finishes before putting your car on the track and going to the rostrum.

Your car will be checked against the following rules for your class:
Battery voltage.
Ride Height.
Minimum weight.
ESC in blinky mode (if applicable).

Additional checks may be made in post-race scrutineering.


Once your race is complete you must take your car and transmitter to the post-race scrutineering table before going to your numbered marshall point. Please wear the provided hi-vis jacket whilst marshalling. Please marshall even if you DNS or DNF. Failure to return your car and transmitter to scrutineering or leaving your marshall post unattended will mean you lose your time for that round.

TC Classes

Only 1/10th 4wd based RC Touring cars allowed.

Minimum weight of 1320g.

Minimum ride height of 5mm (race ready with body shell fitted).

Control Tyres – Hudy Carpet C-3 28.

One set of tyres allowed per meeting (does not include practice).

Only BRCA homologated motors allowed.

Only 2S LiPo allowed.

Once you have competed in two rounds of either 13.5T Blinky or 17.5T Blinky, you are then committed to that class for the rest of the series and may not enter the other.

17.5T & 13.5T Blinky

Only 17.5T or 13.5T brushless motors from BRCA homologation lists allowed.

Only ESC from BRCA blinky ESC homologation list allowed. ESC must be set to blinky mode as shown by a blinking LED or similar.


Run to BRCA GT12 rules.

BRCA approved GT bodyshells only.

JFT or Contact tyres only, no cut down pan car rear tyres allowed.

Any commercially available hardcase 1S LiPo may be used.

TC Fronty

Please check Facebook for latest updates.

Mini TC

As per guidelines for the national series.

Booking in

Entry costs are £18. All booking in through Cancellations can be made no less than 7 days prior to the event in which case £10 will be refunded.


Our track uses the new black carpet as seen at the ETS which has an enormous amount of grip. The corner markings are custom made as are our track layouts. Suitable for all ages and abilities our large track provides top quality racing.

Trackside Shop

Big G Racing will be our trackside shop.


Hot food and drinks will be available from the leisure center canteen.

Running a second class

Booking in for a second class is available online providing there is space. You may only enter one TC class. The cost of a second class will be £15.

Championship Points

The points system will be using the WLRC points system.

Tables & Chairs

Please bring your own table and chair to use. Those who bring large tables may be asked to share as space is limited.


Please use our facebook group to contact us.